KentKent always loved drawing. At the age of seven he realized he had talent; his Scout leaders didn’t believe the drawings he had submitted for his art badge were created by him. Surely one of his parents had sketched that still life…

The young artist wasn’t sure where his talent came from; but he just knew he possessed it.

Kent was born to a very young couple who believed they couldn’t give him the life he deserved, so he was put up for adoption. Almost instantly, his birth parents realized they had made a terrible mistake and they spent the next three decades trying to find him.

Kent was adopted by a wonderful couple and was raised with all the love every child should experience in a lifetime. His parents adopted two more children, and all the Thomson kids were raised with the belief that they could be anything in life. They were taught to pursue that belief with passion and conviction.

When he was twelve, Kent discovered his love of painting. Even at that age he respected the process of adding colours to a space and intuitively toyed with them to create different effects. As he evolved through his teens, so did his art. Kent’s style continued to mature and develop during his years at Concordia University and The Ontario College of Art and Design. Today a classically trained painter, Kent is well respected in the Montreal art community for his expressive ways with colour, texture, brush, and canvas.

Interestingly, Kent’s birth parents did finally track him down when he was well into his thirties. He was astounded to learn that that they had never stopped searching for him all those years.  Most surprising of all to Kent, though it probably shouldn’t have been, was the revelation that both of his birth parents were talented artists in their own right.

Although Kent’s talents have led to work in numerous industries, first and foremost has always been his dedication to his painting. He has held dozens of independent showings throughout his career, and his works, primarily stylized landscapes and abstracts, grace album covers and corporate lobbies alike. Today Kent’s greatest joy is that his passion has been passed on to his daughter, who shares his innate enthusiasm for all things artistic.